Does your heart break every time you hear about another social media bullying tragedy? Do you want to keep up with what your kids are doing online – even on seemingly benign apps like TikTok? Does it depress you when you look around a restaurant and see families not talking to each other because they are on their phones? Or that these days playdates involve playing with ipads instead of playing in the backyard?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Technology is a mostly-wonderful thing. It makes life easier, inspires us, entertains us and connects us in ways we never thought possible even ten years ago. How cool is it that when my kid asks how an igloo is built, I can show her a YouTube video of someone making one in three seconds???

But it is becoming increasingly apparent that there are real costs to our device dependence, especially for our kids. There is a reason why top Silicon Valley executives are saying no smartphones until at least 14 for their children.

Whether your kids have yet to receive a phone or you are a parent looking to get the “horse back in the barn” with your tech-obsessed teen, let’s join together to spread awareness and share ideas on parenting in this digital age.

To get started, check out the “Start Here” page and join (and share!) our Facebook community. Together we can make a difference for our kids…and ourselves!!!

Who is this Adele person?

After working in advertising and then starting, running and selling my own dating company, I became the CEO of my family of four which includes my two daughters, 10 and 7. I’ve become obsessively passionate about learning all I can on the effects of too much screen time and social media on kids of all ages.

Screen devices are here to stay and they can be wonderful, enriching parts of our lives. I try and focus on how to find balance, moderation and mindfulness with screen time rather than abstinence.

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