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Adele’s very favorite articles, tip sheets and other resources to get you started on your quest to get more balance with your family’s screen time.

Tether Yourself: The Enlightening Talk Parents Aren’t Having Can Keep Teens from a Damaging Drift
This is a beautifully-written, emotional article by one of my favorite writers. It includes a script you can actually use to talk to your kids about social media!

Porn Is Not the Worst Thing on TikTok [] Entertaining and alarming. is now TikTok and the fastest growing social app. Don’t have time to read it? Click the top of the article and have the author read it to you while driving or on the train! She’s funny! Here’s her follow up article also worth reading: What I Gave My Kid Instead of a Smartphone

American Academy of Pediatric’s Family Media Plan creator The best place to start to find balance with screen time in your house is WITH your kids. Sit down as a family and create your rules and guidelines together. Then, everyone follows. (Yes, that means you too, Mom and Dad!)

Take the time to watch this. Very eye-opening on the tricks tech companies have to hook us.

Why the Best Parental Control is You “Being able to shut down the internet in your home at key times can be very helpful, but it’s also a bit like always fastening your kid’s seat belt for them: Eventually, we want them to remember to buckle up on their own.” 

Letting Childhood Linger In A World That Rushes Adulthood Kids do not need smart phones at eight.

Middle School Misfortunes Then and Now, One Teacher’s Take This fictional account of life as a middle schooler in 2008 vs. 2018 just might break your heart.

Printable here!

Common Sense Media: THE resource in my opinion. Go here for the latest research, tips, to search if apps, games, movies, shows and even good old fashioned books are appropriate for your kid, and much more!

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